Mesa Vi Peel

As time passes, many factors can alter the appearance of your skin. Those factors include sun exposure, skin conditions such as acne, and aging. Luckily, Allure Medspa, located in Mesa, AZ, offers treatments that can help restore your skin’s youthful appearance by tackling various conditions. Those treatments include VI Peels, which can reverse damage from multiple sources.

About VI Peels

VI Peels are a type of chemical peel—that is, a solution applied to the face to prompt exfoliation. VI Peels stimulate your skin’s fibroblasts, which are responsible for allowing the skin to recover from damage. Fibroblasts do their work by boosting the production of collagen (a structural protein) and elastin (another protein, responsible for the skin’s ability to return to its normal shape.) The end result is that VI Peels work against wrinkles, sun spots, scars, and lines, all while boosting natural pigmentation and promoting skin firming.

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What VI Peels Can Do

VI Peels can treat a variety of types of skin damage, especially blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, and deleterious effects from the sun. Clients who undergo the procedure have reported the following positive benefits:

  • Curtailment of facial redness and inflammation.
  • A decrease in pore size, leading to skin that is more clear and less rough.
  • Reduction of scarring and wrinkles, producing smoother skin.
  • Increased skin hydration.
  • These positive effects all work toward bringing back the face’s youthful appearance.

Are VI Peels Right for You?

No matter your skin type or condition, Allure Medspa can work to come up with a personalized treatment for you. VI Peels are just one of the treatments available, but they can be used regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination of the two. Additionally, they work on a variety of types of damage, making them a good option for many clients. To learn more, contact us today at 602-814-0667.

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