Eminence logoAn award-winning skin care brand, Eminence Organic is one of the names we’re proud to carry at Allure Medspa! When our clients come to us seeking clearer, cleaner, healthier skin, we take pride in being able to pair them with organic skin care products that are right for them. Eminence Organic products are a staff favorite and a recommendation we frequently give to our clients.

Natural Skin Care

At Allure Medspa, we value organic skin care products above all else. We believe the secret to the best possible skin isn’t through chemicals or synthetic compounds, but rather through organic methods.

Eminence Organic products embody this and even take it a step further! The brand not only uses the finest in fresh, natural ingredients in all of its products, it also sources from sustainable farms that use green practices. The brand is even certified by the non-profit B Lab®, meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

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Skin Care Excellence

Another reason we frequently recommend Eminence Organic products is because of the brand’s constant, proven success. Eminence Organic has won a variety of product and education awards throughout the years, including:

  • Dermascope Aestheticians’ Choice Awards, 2015
  • Best Firming Serums & Body Scrubs
  • Yoga Journal’s 2014 Best Natural Facial Serum

Products we Offer

Allure Medspa carries a full range of Eminence Organic products, including starter kits to help familiarize our clients with a personalized skin care regimen. Whether you’re looking for clearer skin, brighter radiance, firmer skin or skin soothing solutions, we offer starter kits for all of these focuses, each centered on Eminence Organic products.

To explore the full line of Eminence Organic products or to get a recommendation from our knowledgeable staff, please contact us today at 480-993-2218. We’ll be glad to introduce you to the many benefits of natural, organic skin care!

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