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Why You Should Send Your Dad to the Spa This Father’s Day

June 15, 2018

You could get your dad the same old thing for Father’s Day this year—a gift card for coffee or a mug or a box of golf balls… even though he doesn’t play golf. However, you can do better than that! Why not do something special this Father’s Day? Treat Dad to a day at the spa where he can rest, relax and enjoy a day that’s all about him and his needs. After all, he’s helped your family for years—doesn’t he deserve a break? If you’re looking for an ideal spa in Scottsdale, AZ that will make your father feel... View Article

National Nurses Week

May 16, 2018

Nurses have tremendously difficult jobs. Most nurses work in exceedingly difficult circumstances for long hours, and often with little thanks. This upcoming week is National Nurses Week, which means that now is the time to show your appreciation for all of the nurses in your life. Nurses work as educators, healthcare providers and caretakers. National Nurses Week is a great time for nurses to take care of themselves, take a bit of a respite and safeguard their own mental and physical health. If you’re a nurse, you should take some time this week to celebrate your accomplishments and spend some... View Article

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