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Try CoolSculpting to Achieve Your Ultimate Body Contouring Goals

February 21, 2019

Having excess fat in certain areas of your body can have an effect on your self-esteem. Many people suffer from lower confidence and bad body image because of certain stubborn parcels of fat that just won’t go away, no matter how hard they work out or eat healthily. In the past, one of the only options to remove stubborn fat was to get liposuction, a surgical and invasive procedure that opened patients up to a number of potential side effects. But today, new technologies have emerged that can remove fat without surgery or invasive techniques. One of these methods is... View Article

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Make Sure to Moisturize Your Skin to Protect It from Cold Weather!

February 5, 2019

When winter causes the temperature to take a dive and brings snow and ice along with dry air, your skin can suffer. Cold weather can sap moisture from your skin, causing it to become dry, flaky, cracked and lackluster. Your entire body can suffer from dryness, but major problem areas can include the hands and the face. When these areas get dry, the skin can become badly damaged and look and feel terrible. To help protect your skin during these cold winter months, here are some tips. Daily moisture In order to ensure day-to-day moisture, you’ll want to take steps... View Article


Vascular Occlusion in Scottsdale, AZ: Ways to Be Safe

October 21, 2018

Vascular occlusion is the blockage of a blood vessel. This clotting can cause serious health risks. If proper precautions are not taken, certain aesthetic procedures can cause vascular occlusion in Scottsdale, AZ. To protect your wellbeing, your medspa in Scottsdale, AZ offers the following guide. What are the symptoms of vascular occlusion in Scottsdale, AZ? When a blood vessel is blocked, this clog prevents tissues from receiving the nutrients they need to survive. The result is necrosis: death of the cells. To prevent unwanted consequences of vascular occlusion in Scottsdale, AZ and impending necrosis, it’s important to know the telltale... View Article

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How Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Improves Facial Appearance

August 13, 2018

As we age, so does our skin. The face, in particular, begins to sag, wrinkle and develop scars, sunspots and other blemishes that can prevent us from feeling our best. There are numerous facial treatments out there to help stall this aging process, but many involve chemicals or harsh injections. Another option, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy), is all natural and can produce astonishing results for your face. PRP therapy in Scottsdale, AZ uses your body’s own blood platelets on the face to rejuvenate skin and promote the healthy growth of collagen. For people experiencing skin droopiness and wrinkles from... View Article

FAQ on Vycross in Scottsdale, AZ

July 30, 2018

Are you up to date on the latest in skin care? If so, you’ve probably encountered Vycross in Scottsdale, AZ. While you may have heard the term, you might not be familiar with this product. If you’re in search of new solutions for anti aging and skin care, this could be the product you’ve been searching for. Juvederm in Scottsdale, AZ has made this line of beauty enhancers available for those who want to maintain healthy skin structure as they age. To avoid losing volume and keep the skin youthful, consider turning to Vycross in Scottsdale, AZ. Following are the... View Article

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