Allergan in Mesa, AZ

Allure Medspa is the one place to go in Mesa, AZ when you need clinical-level skin care administered by certified professionals. Our specialists are licensed to administer a full range of skin care treatments from Allergan to the ever-popular Botox and Kybella. Our professionals are certified to perform injections, which means you can count on every single injection being carried out correctly and safely, and to maximum effect. Our licensed aestheticians and registered nurses are fully qualified to manage all aspects of Allergan skin care treatments.

Botox injections

When it comes to injections for face-lifts, Botox is the best-known product in this country, and it has had an extremely high success rate throughout its history. It can generally be carried out in a short period, with no recovery time necessary at all. The results, however, will last for months and will make your skin look years younger and healthier.


People who suffer from unattractive fat buildups below the chin would benefit greatly from using Kybella. The deoxycholic acid in Kybella is a naturally-occurring substance found in the body, which is extremely effective at breaking down dietary fat, particularly that kind of fat associated with a double chin. Kybella is a prescription medication which breaks down that chin fat by destroying the cells which host the fact, so the fat just passes naturally out of the body.


Allure Medspa is an authorized dealer of Juvederm products in Mesa, AZ, and as such, we have access to the entire line of injectable Juvederm products. These filling agents are generally used to minimize pronounced wrinkles in the facial area, and to make the skin look much younger and more vibrant. For specific kinds of treatment, we offer Juvederm Voluma to add volume to the cheeks, Juvederm Volbella for lip enhancement, and Juvederm Vollure to fill in wrinkles around the facial area.

Long-Lasting Results

Whether you’re worried about wrinkles or have excess fat in your chin, you need clinical-level results. The registered nurses, licensed estheticians, and certified injectors at Allure Medspa will always take the best care to ensure you understand the best solution for your skin problems as well as recommend the best products for you. Contact us at 602-814-0667 to learn more about Allergan and our other treatment products at our Mesa location.