Tips to Help You Get Some “Me Time” During the Holidays

November 20, 2018

The holidays may be a break from work, but that doesn’t mean they’re always going to be a time where you get some rest, especially with all the family to visit and the feasting in which you’ll partake. For many people, the holidays can actually feel much more stressful than relaxing.

Therefore, it’s important you do what you can to carve out some “me time” during the holidays. Here are a few tips from a medspa in Scottsdale, AZ to help you relax and recharge while you celebrate the upcoming holidays and the end of the year:

  • Start your day alone: If you are an introvert, this is an especially important strategy to follow. Starting off your day with a little bit of solitude can help you prepare yourself mentally for the socializing and stimulation of the day ahead. A failure to give yourself the alone time you need can result in you running on fumes for much of the holiday season. Starting your day off by yourself will help you set a healthier trajectory for the rest of your day. Try establishing a morning ritual you can enjoy alone.
  • Be responsive, not reactive: You’re probably going to be interacting with some family and friends you haven’t seen in quite some time, maybe since the last holiday season. It feels like every family gathering like this features some comments or opinions that can come off as hurtful or insensitive. It can be easy to internalize these comments and let them ruin your day, but instead, take a breath and attempt to reframe negativity as an issue with the other person rather than with you. This isn’t to say you should avoid blame if you do something wrong, but you do not always have to bear all the responsibility for negativity that occurs.
  • Spend some time outside: Getting outdoors has a lot of health benefits—it can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels, and encourage creativity. After a big meal, consider taking a walk instead of lounging or passing out on the couch.
  • Be intentional about giving thanks: Thanksgiving is a great reminder to find ways in our lives to show intentional gratitude. Tell someone you love why you are grateful for them and what you appreciate about them. Reconnect with old friends and people who are meaningful to you. Send handwritten cards, or appreciative messages and emails.
  • Spend some time alone at the end of the day: End the day like you started it, with a little bit of solitude. Instead of preparing yourself for the day, reflect on the day you had and what was particularly meaningful about it, and what types of people and accomplishments you are grateful for. This is a good way to reenergize yourself so you can go to sleep and end your day on a positive note.

If you aren’t already taking a yoga class, that’s a great way to practice mindfulness and meditation, which are skills that can help you through this holiday season. For more information and tips, contact the experts at Allure Medspa in Scottsdale, AZ today.

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