Tips for Eating Better During the Holidays

November 3, 2018

We’re hitting the holiday season now, which means a lot of fun and family time—but also a lot of big, hearty meals that may or may not be good for you, especially if you’ve been trying to watch your diet.
Believe it or not, it is still possible to eat well during the holidays without compromising any diets you’ve put yourself on. Here are some tips from our medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ to help you make some healthier decisions during the holiday season:

  • Shop smart: If you’re the one doing the hosting, you can cut out a lot of the temptation at home by avoiding purchasing items that you know are unhealthy. It can be helpful to shop during off hours so you don’t feel as stressed while at the store (and therefore more likely to grab quick, unhealthy items). Take time to read labels and choose healthier foods, and when in doubt, opt for more produce and fewer boxed foods and ingredients.
  • Lighten recipes: If you’re going to be cooking this holiday season, figure out if there are any ways you can substitute ingredients to make your recipes lighter. You can replace an egg with a pair of egg whites to cut down on cholesterol. You can substitute applesauce for oils, margarine or butter to reduce fat. Choose fat-free versions of sour cream, whipped toppings and yogurt, and pick reduced-fat versions of cheeses.
  • Choose a smaller plate: If you can force yourself to limit the amount of food you put on a single plate, you’re going to be less likely to overeat. In fact, overeating is one of the biggest reasons people put on weight during the holiday season, and not necessarily because they’re eating unhealthy foods.
  • Limit your alcoholic intake: Sure, there are going to be jokes about how you might need a few drinks to get through the holiday, but alcoholic beverages are empty calories and tend to be packed with carbs. Start off with a low-calorie, non-alcoholic drink to quench your thirst, and if you do choose to drink alcohol, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
  • Don’t socialize near food: Keep the snack tables away from the social gathering areas. This will force you to get up and leave a conversation if you want to snack, which is helpful if you’re trying to avoid snacking too much—having a conversation right next to the snacks just encourages uncontrolled grazing.
  • Take your time: With Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, there is going to be a lot of food you’re going to want to try. We understand this. Take your time and enjoy it all—there’s no reason to rush through your meal. After all, these are some of the most special meals of the year, so why not savor them as much as you can?

These are just a few tips to help you control your appetite and make healthier eating choices during the holidays. Contact our medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ for more tips!

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