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Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

October 4, 2018

When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Too often, consumers continue to stuff new medications in, while never taking old ones out. Are there any expired products lurking in the back of your cabinet? Your medspa in Scottsdale, AZ wants to help.

If it’s been a while since you performed this task, it’s time to dig in. Use the following checklist from a medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ to go through your medicine cabinet and take appropriate action.

Check Your Calendar

Start by looking at all the dates floating around your medicine cabinet. Look at the expiration of each prescription, over-the-counter medication and other products. Set anything with a past expiration aside for removal. Some liquid products may lose effectiveness before the expiration date. If you know something is old but aren’t sure if it’s still good, consult with an expert at a medspa in Scottsdale, AZ.

Eliminate Extras

Have you held onto any leftover medication that you no longer need? Maybe you had to stop taking something due to an allergic reaction. Perhaps you were prescribed a few extra pain pills you didn’t need. Set these aside as well. If you come across any mystery meds (you can’t remember why you have them) check with your prescribing doctor or pharmacist.

Secure Remainders

This process will likely clear out a few items from your medicine cabinet, but not all. For the items that remain, it’s important to ensure they are stored safely. Can any children or animals access the products? Does your storage area experience extreme temperatures, humidity or direct light? Choose a secure location that offers an appropriate climate for your products. Prescription medications should be locked where older children cannot access them.

Don’t Mix and Mingle

To conserve space, you may be tempted to combine various products into one container. Don’t do it—keep each medication in its own original packaging. This will help prevent accidental misuse that can cause serious health risks.

Use Proper Disposal

The garbage can, the toilet and the sink are not proper methods of disposal. Placing medications in these locations can cause personal and environmental hazards. Children and pets may dig products out of the trash, or they can contaminate land and water sources if taken to a landfill or placed in a water source. Consult with your medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ to locate an appropriate disposal location. Your pharmacist can provide suitable containers and further advise you on proper disposal.

Get More Tips

Would you like additional tips from a local medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ? Feel free to contact the professionals at Allure Medspa. We are a highly trusted medspa in Scottsdale, AZ. We offer the expertise our customers want with the credentials, licensing and certifications they expect. With a team of licensed estheticians, registered nurses and certified injectors, we have the knowledge to effectively deliver on a broad variety of health and beauty needs. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule a consultation!

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