Try Yoga in Bed to Start Your Morning

September 8, 2018

Medspas in Scottsdale, AZ that are fully engaged with your personal wellbeing know that starting your day off the right way can play a large role in the mood and temperament that you carry throughout the day. If you are looking for something to jumpstart your day and get you off on the right foot, your medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ is here to tell you about three yoga exercises you can add to your morning routine. And the best part? All of these can be done right in your bed!

  • Wide legged child’s pose: Start with your shins on your bed and your knees a little wider than hip-width apart, with your behind resting on your heels. Walk your hands and arms out as far as they will go, while lowering your torso towards your thighs. Concentrate on directing your breath towards your lower back and side ribs, and feel the stretch in your hips, thighs and ankles.
  • Reclining bound angle pose: Start in the bound angle pose by sitting on your bed with your feet out in front of you. While you exhale, slowly bend your knees and bring your heels toward your pelvis, and let your knees drop on your sides. Walk your hands backwards as you lower your back towards the floor. Once your back and forearms are completely on the floor, use your hands to rotate your thighs externally, then let your arms rest on the ground at a 45-degree angle from the side of your torso with your palms up. This exercise will give your thighs and groin a good stretch, and can also stimulate your heart and improve your body’s circulation.
  • Happy baby pose: While lying on your back, pull your knees directly into your stomach as you exhale, and keep your feet up in the air. While inhaling, grip the outside of your feet with your hands, or loop a belt or resistance band around your soles if you aren’t able to hold onto your feet. Spread your knees just slightly past your torso, and then bring them towards your armpits. Bring your ankles above your knees, flex through your heels and create resistance by pushing your feet upwards into your hands as you pull your hands down. The happy baby pose will help to loosen your thighs and groin area, and will also help to relieve stress and calm your brain before a hectic day.

Whether it is with helpful tips like these or through hands-on, personalized treatment plans, our number one goal here at Allure Medspa is to help you to feel good about yourself and your general wellbeing every day, which is part of what makes our medspa in Scottsdale, AZ so unique. Make sure you pay our medical spa in Scottsdale, AZ a visit today to learn more about the vast array of services we offer to help you achieve your skin care and overall health goals. We look forward to working with you soon!

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