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How Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Improves Facial Appearance

August 13, 2018

As we age, so does our skin. The face, in particular, begins to sag, wrinkle and develop scars, sunspots and other blemishes that can prevent us from feeling our best. There are numerous facial treatments out there to help stall this aging process, but many involve chemicals or harsh injections.

Another option, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy), is all natural and can produce astonishing results for your face. PRP therapy in Scottsdale, AZ uses your body’s own blood platelets on the face to rejuvenate skin and promote the healthy growth of collagen.

For people experiencing skin droopiness and wrinkles from aging, or even acne and trauma scarring in their younger years, a PRP facial may be the treatment you need to refresh your face and give you back your healthy glow.

Understanding the PRP facial process

PRP therapy is a relatively simple procedure, but should always be done in a safe environment by a certified and experienced medical professional.
First, the professional will draw your blood and use a centrifuge to isolate platelet-rich plasma from the blood. These platelets have growth factors in them that can be activated and used for protein production and cell growth. These proteins help promote blood clotting and are instrumental in repairing the skin.

The process of applying PRP usually involves two steps. First, the professional will conduct micro-needling with a needle device to create microscopic holes in your skin. Next, the PRP is applied directly to the skin to bolster the body’s natural healing process as it works to heal these microscopic “wounds.” PRP can also be injected underneath the skin using a different type of needle for more precise skin improvements.

Side effects may include swelling and red skin, but these are temporary and will go away after a few days.

This process is ideal because each patient uses their own body’s natural resources rather than chemicals. Usually, a PRP facial in Scottsdale, AZ produces great results and the risks of rejection and reactions are rare.

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Benefits of PRP therapy

There are many uses and benefits of PRP facials. The treatment can be used to rectify a wide variety of facial blemishes. It can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks and other trauma scars that accumulate over time.

The treatment is also great for reducing the signs of aging. Because it promotes new cell growth and collagen production, PRP therapy can produce tighter, younger-looking skin and remove signs of wrinkles and age spots. After a PRP facial, you will look younger and more fresh-faced than ever before.

PRP therapy is so popular because it yields impressive and long-lasting results. Patients usually see results immediately after the treatment is complete, and those results can last up to six months at a time. Because the treatment uses the person’s own blood, which is in endless supply, it can be repeated time and time again to continue that youthful glow.

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