Tips for Preparing for Your Botox Appointment

April 20, 2018

Throughout medical history, doctors, researchers and other medical professionals have developed innovative treatments that effectively address a myriad of ailments. In the 1980s, a drug that is commonly known as Botox was developed from the bacterial toxin botulin. Many people are leery of the safety and effectiveness of Botox for medical or cosmetic treatment, but decades of use have proven that Botox in Scottsdale, AZ can be an excellent choice for patients who have certain medical conditions or who want to improve their appearance and boost their confidence:

  • Research the procedure: Oftentimes, nervousness or trepidation about a medical procedure is a result of misconceptions about the treatment. Read online about the Botox injection process so that you know exactly what to expect. Make sure you get information from medical sources as well as firsthand accounts of the treatment so that you understand what kind if experience you can expect for yourself.
  • Schedule carefully: Don’t try to squeeze in a Botox appointment between meetings and obligations. Instead, give yourself a sizable buffer between your appointment and any other plans. It might be best to make your appointment over the weekend so you don’t have to rush back to work right away. You may also consider taking a day off work for the treatment so that you can plan your appointment with as little stress as possible.
  • Make sure you know what to avoid: There are several things that you will need to stay away from before and after getting Botox in Scottsdale, AZ. You should stop taking blood thinners and muscle relaxants, as well as other medications. It’s also important that you stop smoking cigarettes for at least a few days prior to the appointment. Smoking can increase your chance of developing significant bruising at the injection site.
  • Prevent bruising: If you tend to bruise easily, you should make sure to take some extra steps to avoid bruising during your Botox injection. You can apply arnica montana topically and press an ice pack against your skin to reduce the chance of bruising.
  • Minimize stress: On the day that you have your appointment, exercise beforehand to minimize your stress—you won’t be able to work out for at least four hours after your procedure. You should also take time to listen to music, meditate or do other things that make you feel calm to prevent excessive nervousness during your appointment.
  • Talk to your doctor beforehand: The doctor who is performing your procedure wants you to feel confident about your appointment, so make sure you talk to them about your questions and concerns beforehand. Oftentimes, speaking to your doctor can make you feel much more prepared for a procedure.

Do you have more questions about getting Botox treatment at a medspa in Scottsdale, AZ? At Allure Medspa, we would be happy to address any of your questions and concerns regarding this safe and effective medical procedure. We have been providing various medical and cosmetic therapies and services to clients for years, and we are dedicated to delivering noticeable results. Our experienced team of medical professionals is trained to provide exceptional outcomes for each of our clients. Reach out to us today and get more information about our services—we would be more than happy to start you off with a consultation.

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