The PDO Thread Lift

Allure MedSpa is very pleased to offer the PDO Thread Lift!  This treatment is very safe, and actually reverses the effects of aging! Learn more below about how the procedure works, and the specific options that we have available to you.

$350 per treatment area – 4 treatment areas total

Get all 4 areas treated for only $1200

Limited Packages Available

PDO Thread can be applied to 4 areas, these are the upper face (forehead and eyes), mid-face (cheeks), lower face (jowls and mouth), or the neck to lift sagging and loose skin.

The PDO Thread Lift Indications:

  • Horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles
  • Forehead Lift
  • Lowered outer eyebrow ends
  • Flaccid tissue or sagging brows
  • Lower eyelids – bags under the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Marionette furrows (marionette lines)
  • Sagging cheeks and area under the lower jaw
  • Skin furrows on the cheeks
  • Creased cheeks
  • Sagging neck
PDO Thread Lift

The PDO Thread Lift has been wildly popular in Korea for it’s anti-aging properties!  This in-office treatment can lift and tone the face with very little downtime.

PDO (Polydioxanone) thread is the same thread used in Cardiac operations and other surgeries as sutures, and thus it is very safe.

Aging causes the skin tissue to be thin because the collagen and elastin fibers break down, which results in sagging skin, deep creases, folds, and wrinkles.  PDO reverses the effects of aging.

Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturized.  The thread dissolves itself in a couple month, but the effects last between 12-18 months.