Eclipse PRP

Eclipse PRP Treatments

Allure Medspa is very excited to introduce Eclipse PRP Treatments. Eclipse PRP Treatments combine the advanced Eclipse Micropen technology with ‘platelet-rich plasma’. PRP Treatments can help greatly improve skin’s overall appearance, tone, texture, and regrow hair. PRP Treatments can also reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Because PRP is exclusively retrieved from the body (autologous in origin) it is well received by the body because of it’s organic nature it has virtually no risk of intollerance. You may have heard of the “Vampire Facial” or “Vampire Facelift” these are common names for different types of PRP Treatments.

PRP Treatment (vampire treatment) either Microneedling or Dermal Filler – $450+
PRP Treatment (vampire treatment) with both Microneedling and Dermal Filler – $700+